I have a short attention span. Even with porn. If you've got pics that you think might be my cup of tea, submit them!

I like hot amateur girls misbehaving. Nudes, solo, insertions, gapes, gangbangs, swingers, interracial, cuckold, fisting, bondage/submission, etc. I've got no favorite genre, but I love dirty, filthy sluts. Especially when they look like they want everyone to believe they are not. Some semi-pro or even an occasional pro shot will work its way into the stream, same for videos. You won't find any gay, tranny, pegging, cbt or similar stuff here.

All content reblogged from other internet sources, found in the public domain, or otherwise 'fair game'. Every subject was over the age of 18 and consented to having their picture taken. If you have actual copyrights to a work and want it removed, let me know.

4th February 2013

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